Always Be The Best

It’s impossible to be the best. At anything. There is always someone who is better than you.

At work there is Sharon who is organized like Martha Stewart, her email is clean, her project plans are accurate to the minute and even her stationary matches her nails while you are just trying not to forget to complete the tasks that your boss specified were the most important and if you did nothing else he hopes you can commit to finishing at least them.  At school pick ups you see Katie, who made personalized Halloween trick or treat pails for the whole class (you know who you are!), again very Martha, while you haven’t yet filled in the paperwork that authorizes your friend to pick them up if something happens to you. Your neighbor Isabel brings your sick kids Martha’s Organic Home Made Chicken Broth while you are working on the projects you have now dutifully committed to. Finally your assistant Emily is the hottest girl there is, she exercises hard core, bicycles, hikes and does mountain climbing (even Martha loses here!) and she dresses too nice for the office. She’s the girl who makes everyone look shabby and just not put together. The best part? She’s super nice, positive all the time and is good at what she does.

It’s easy to get discouraged and start hating these girls but let’s decide not to do that. We could also discredit them by pointing out that Sharon doesn’t have kids so of course her work is organized – she has all the time in the world to polish the details! Katie works half time as a tutor so crafting is practically her job, Isabel is a stay at home mom and her only aspirations are cooking and home keeping, she doesn’t have to commit to projects. Emily is insecure and overcompensates her bad self esteem with torturing her body and overdressing.  We could do that, but let’s not do that either. Let’s not do that because all that stems from our own feelings of inadequacy and honestly just gives us an excuse not to strive for excellence.

Once you get over yourself and start admiring kick ass people around you can realize this one thing you can be best at. You can be the best you. You don’t have to be perfect, but you can actively try to be better and do the best you can today, to be best in the areas that are important to you. This doesn’t mean beating yourself up for not being absolutely fabulous at everything, but it does mean not accepting mediocracy in any area. We tend to think all or nothing, compare ourselves to others and stop trying as we get discouraged. It doesn’t have to be that way, you can hold yourself to a high standard, expect excellence from yourself and learn from the people around you. Be thankful you have role models to learn from and to pull ideas from. They are free information and idea banks for you to become amazing and there is no reason not to copy their tricks and hacks.

You can only start doing this if you value and respect yourself. Where you are today or how far you still have to go do not define your worth. Your efforts do. Accept where you are and decide where you want to go. It’s is up to you to decide what kind of life you want and how you are going to move forward. Welcome to my blog, we will kick ass together!

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